Consent to Participate in Voluntary Research

Invitation to participate in voluntary research

The survey is voluntary and may be discontinued at any time. Withdrawal from participation will not result in denial of entitled benefits.  As with most research, there may be unknown risks. Aggregate findings from the study will be shared with key stakeholders and policy makers in the state of New Hampshire. The results will be reported for the group of respondents as a whole. Random IDs are assigned to your survey to track participation and response rates for the survey. These indirect identifiers will not be used to link your survey responses to your name. All survey responses will be maintained in a password protected desktop computer, not a cloud-based service. If you are interested in seeing aggregated results, please indicate your interest by providing your email address at the top of the survey.

I sincerely hope you find interest in this study and can allocate time to lend your voice to this research. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes.  Please answer the questions to your comfort level.  Since your answers are to remain anonymous, there is no need to put your name on this survey.  Digital files that are compiled are maintained separately from your name and school, and responses can only be viewed by users with permission to view responses.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of this study or my credentials, please email me at Thank you for your consideration.


Dianna Gahlsdorf Terrell