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In what might otherwise be considered a tremendous act of faith in public institutions, this academic year parents across America will send nearly 50 million children to be cared for by another adult for the better part of the waking day. Sometimes their children are cared for by multiple adults; many times those adults are practical strangers. The logic of these parents’ decisions might be called into question in light of a preponderance of outstanding newspaper headlines about the goings-on in classrooms across the nation. My favorite headline from this academic year had to be, “Teacher shows up drunk, pantless, to 1st day of school.” While the vast majority of the many teachers I know are well qualified, and many are exceptional, this headline certainly led me to question whether our judgment might require some closer examination.

Dedicated to the idea that parents can work with our children and our children’s teachers to elevate the schooling experience for our kids, I built this site as a means to consolidate education research and recent education news in a readable format for parents.

The simple truth is, most of our children will grow up to be relatively functional adults – and some times they do this in spite of our parenting. Yet, access to and an understanding of available research on education policy and learning theory surely can only make this desired outcome more likely.

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